SLogin for EasySocial

SLogin for EasySocial

Oauth Slogin

Update Date: 24 February 2019


SLogin integration plugin - EasySocial. Copies information from the SLogin user profile to the EasySocial profile, creates an EasySocial user avatar. Requires SLogin profile plugin installed.

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SLogin integration plugin - EasySocial. Copies the information from the SLogin user profile into the EasySocial profile (first name, last name, gender, birthday, coordinates), creates an EasySocial user avatar. Requires SLogin profile plugin installed.

To generate avatars, you need an installed, configured and fully working SLogin Profile plugin, which must be in the list of plugins of the slogin_integration group above the EasySocial integration plugin. Otherwise, the user will first create an EasySocial user, and then create an avatar. In this case, the user will not have an avatar for EasySocial.

Avatars are created only in the profile of a new user registered during authorization via SLogin, if a user has been registered before, or bypassing authorization SLogin, no avatars are created.

Appeals on the inoperability of a plug-in are accepted only when the environment is normally functioning, You must first configure the authorization and generation of avatars, and only then buy extension plug-ins or apply for their support.

After installation, you must go to its settings and select the user profile fields. Without settings will not work.


  • Make sure that the SLogin component is installed on your site, the SLogin authorization providers are configured, it works and creates the SLogin profile plugin avatars.
  • Install the plugin through the Joomla installer.
  • In the plugin settings (if any), set the values ​​you need.
  • Publish plugin.


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Update Date
24 February 2019
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