SLogin Error after login with Facebook or Google

8 мес. 2 дн. назад #8604 от WASIM RAJA
Hi sir,
Now I am getting an error when trying to login with Facebook or Google, after clicking on Facebook or google icon it's open a login window and showing the error "Call to a member function getState() on bool",
Sir, can you please assist me with this error?

Thank a lot

Please find the Screenshot:

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8 мес. 1 день назад #8607 от Ilya Kudryavtsev
Try this way:

It is necessary to set in the component options (in the "Slogin Service Autentification" section) - for the "Service auth" item - NO
(thus, it will not be authorization through the service, which has become overloaded, but through the applications you create on each social network)
And then create and configure an authorization code (application) for each social network
(it is described how to do this - in the description for Slogin - "FaceBook - setting up social authorization", "VK - VK authorization setup using oAuth protocol", etc.).
Then the error disappears (in my site) and registration starts working normally (as before).

This way, of course, is much more difficult than using registration via the service (= put Yes in "Service auth" - and no need to write hemorrhoid code for applications),
But it works! ))

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7 мес. 2 нед. назад #8627 от JoomLine
Hello, use direct applications of social networks. Service it will be closed.

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