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1 year 2 days ago #8766 by Hervé
filter with tags was created by Hervé
I managed to make the filter work with the articles
I selected in the module: articles + tags OR then only tags
No filtering is possible with tags.
Is there a setting I forgot?

Looking at the demonstration, I see several suggestions to make
tags or custom fields that adjust according to the previous selection (like some filters in e-commerce stores)
Of course, this can be part of a pro version ? a call for funding ? to finance these additions


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1 year 1 day ago #8770 by JoomLine
Replied by JoomLine on topic filter with tags
You probably understand the meaning of this function somewhat differently. This ability to filter the tag that is associated with the menu, just like filtering within a category.

The filtration system has never been a commercial product, it does not have a paid version.

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1 year 1 day ago #8772 by Hervé
Replied by Hervé on topic filter with tags

Indeed I must have misunderstood but I have not seen much documentation.

1) Let me suggest these new features of filtering by the visitor, tags in addition to custom fields.
2) If in addition the filtering of other values, were updated, it would be a really great extension.
But keeping the extension free, I am aware that this is not your priority.

Anyway, thank you for this free extension. I will share it with the French community or a member makes a lot of articles on the joomla magazine around custom fields


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