Small issues with CFI

1 год 7 мес. назад - 1 год 7 мес. назад #8859 от Reset Advanced Systems, SL
Madrid, 13.10.2022
Hi there.Just tried out your wonderfull plugin CFI.
I just need to export some articles from Joomla 3 and import them into Joomla 4. And it seems that it Works very nicely.
But I have 3 small issues.The export from J3 in csv goes greate but...
Issue 1) When I import the aricles into Joomla 4 selecting the category it does correcy import the Joomla articles but it does not places them in the selected category.Am I doing something wrong?
Issue 2) As we are here in spain, the spanish grammer uses a loto f accents. The title of the article is: “Adolescencia y Adopción” So after import is shows “Adolescencia y Adopci?n”Does this have to do with the conversión? Now it says: Code page for file conversión: CP1251. Maybe it should be set to something else?Issue
Issue 3) If I export from J3 more tan 100 aricles it could break the export? Or what do you think how many articles I can export in one time?Hoping you can help me with this
Many thanks in advance and Keep up the excellent work.
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1 год 6 мес. назад #8863 от JoomLine
JoomLine ответил в теме Small issues with CFI

To begin with, it is worth mentioning that this plugin is not entirely suitable for migrating articles between different versions of Joomla, the purpose of the plugin is different, you do it at your own peril and risk.

Problem 1) Please note that the csv file indicates the category ID, not its name: if the category ID in Joomla 3 does not match the category ID in Joomla 4, the latter does not have a category with the specified ID, then the article will automatically fall into the Uncategorised category, category not created automatically, the category selection parameter affects only export - it does not affect import; otherwise the category with the specified ID will be assigned and this may not be correct behavior for you.

Problem 2) This plugin is a Russian development and was originally intended for the domestic market, where the code page is CP-1251, specify the code page of your language, or disable the conversion option (recommended if you only exchange between sites). If you need a conversion, but the required code page is not listed, let us know.

Problem 3) is actually not a problem, the number of articles is not limited, load problems can arise solely due to the limitations of your server.

Sincerely, thank you for using our product.

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1 год 6 мес. назад #8864 от Reset Advanced Systems, SL
Dear Admin.
Many thanks for replying to my thread.
I have tried your wonderful product and I can conform it works for that I need.
Just moving aricles from J3 to J4.
Yes you are right. It can break my J4 site and it happend. But no worries as it runs on localhost.
Client has in J3 12 categories. Once articles are imported in J4 I just re-asign the articles to their correspondent categorie ;-)
So I can hereby confirm the following:
Problem 1) Is solved. Will do the import of the articles, than client will revise every article. Convert it into Yootheme format if he wishes and asigned it to the corresponding categorie
Problem 2) Found the correct code page and now the imported articles show correctly as here in spain they write with quite a lot of accents, é, á, í etc. So that part is resolved also ;-)
Problem 3)  In J3 I limit the export by category. So each category has only 30-40 articles. so that works fine as well,
So I want to thank you very much for making this wonderfull little CFI plugin.
And If you have time and are intrested to develop this furter I am more than willing to try out you later and new version as well.
And lastly I was wondering if you don´t mind me sharing your plugin with some friends here in Madrid.
Many thanks again you saved me so much time. 
Hoping to hear from you again.
Good weekend.

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1 год 6 мес. назад #8865 от JoomLine
JoomLine ответил в теме Small issues with CFI
Dear Paco,

We will be glad to your assistance in further testing of the plugin and its distribution to the general public!

Thank you for your feedback!

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