JL Content Fields Filter by dates - months - years?

1 год 6 мес. назад #8869 от Reset Advanced Systems, SL
Hi there admin.
Currently lookint at JL Content Fields Filter.
My client will have a bit over 300 Joomla articles mixed with articles created with Yootheme pro framework.
Client says he want´s to me able that his user should be able to search these older articles by months or years.
Can this be achived with your module, plugin?
I was thinking to use:  joomcar.net/joomla-articles-calendar-demo of Andrey Miasoedov. I send him an email asking if he will make this J4.2 compatible in the near future.
But I haven´t heard from him yet.
So my idea is to prepare everything content+design on J3 and than do the upgrade to J4.2. 
So please, when you have a moment can you let me know if i can change the way how to select the data and filter articles by date?
As I will be using the Yootheme framework I understand I need to make a special page for this to show the results.
Hoping to read you soon again.


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1 год 6 мес. назад - 1 год 6 мес. назад #8870 от Semaphore
I think it can't be done with this module easily because it need to compute the date fields before filtering them.
If I may, you must look to Blue Code product : JFiltering. For now it's doesn't offer what you are searching but I have post something about on tweeter.
JFiltering could add the "calcultations" before it use plug-in and database for storing information before filtering.
If you want to kstay with JL : you have to recreate some new fields and fill them with SQL or other extension which can import CSV.
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