Simplecallback FREE

Simplecallback FREE

Feedback form for Joomla with many integrations and CRM (Bitrix, AmoCRM, etc.)


The SimpleCallback module is an easy-to-configure module of the feedback form with callback functions that will allow you not to miss the client’s call.

The module is made on the basis of the same feedback module. Significantly improved, the main purpose of the refinement is to expand the possibilities of prompt notification of you through various services, that you need to contact the client.

Of the advantages of using the module are:

  • Work in the notification mode through social networks and services:, Telegram,, PushAll, Slack, Trello, VK.
  • Use to form a feedback board in Vkontakte.
  • A full callback through the service is a mutual call for the client and you in a few seconds how the number was left.
  • Traditional feedback form sent by email.


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19 February 2019
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3.6.5 | 3.7 | 3.8 | 3.9

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