Facebook login not working anymore

7 years 3 weeks ago #6465 by Bruno Grasso
Hi, after recent updates (also passing from http to https), facebook login in slogin component does not work anymore. I just changed allower redirect url in all oauth entities (google, linkedin, facebook in my case), but only facebook is not working.

You can check at www.etnatracking.com/grotta-serracozzo#tab-6

Kind regards,


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7 years 1 week ago - 7 years 1 week ago #6472 by Руслан
publish_stream in scope variable is deprecated


Slogin latest

line: 24
        if($this->params->get('repost_comments', 0))
            $scope .= ',publish_actions';
            //$scope .= ',offline_access';
Last edit: 7 years 1 week ago by Руслан.

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