Filter Date custom filed

2 years 1 month ago #8781 by Ajeje Brazorf
How can I filter date custom field?

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2 years 1 month ago - 2 years 1 month ago #8782 by Ajeje Brazorf
I solved it like this:
- plugins/system/jlcontentfieldsfilter/jlcontentfieldsfilter.php
line 223 add
case 'calendar':
if(!empty($v['from']) && !empty($v['to'])){
$where = '(field_id = '.$k.' AND `value` BETWEEN "'.$v['from'].' 00:00:00" AND "'.$v['to'].' 00:00:00")';
else if(!empty($v['from'])){
$where = '(field_id = '.$k.' AND `value` >= "'.$v['from'].' 00:00:00")';
else if(!empty($v['to'])){
$where = '(field_id = '.$k.' AND `value` <= "'.$v['to'].' 00:00:00")';
$where = '(field_id = '.$k.' AND value LIKE '.$db->quote('%'.$v.'%').')';

- plugins/system/jlcontentfieldsfilter/fields/jlcontentfieldsfilterfields.php
line 83 add
case 'calendar':
$options = HTMLHelper::_('select.option', 'calendar', Text::_('PLG_JLCONTENTFIELDSFILTER_FILTER_CALENDAR'));

- /modules/mod_jlcontentfieldsfilter/layouts/mod_jlcontentfieldsfilter
duplicate range.php file and rename in calendar.php
in input type date change in "date"

- modules/mod_jlcontentfieldsfilter/assets/javascript/jlcontentfilter.js
line 46
form.find('input[type="text"], input[type="date"]').val('');

- modules/mod_jlcontentfieldsfilter/assets/javascript/nojq_jlcontentfilter.js
var els = form.querySelectorAll('input[type="text"], input[type="date"]');
Last edit: 2 years 1 month ago by Ajeje Brazorf.

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