Создание альфа-индекса (индекс А-З) и несколько других вопросов

3 years 4 months ago #8672 by Krx
I've just found your awesome module and I'm evaluating what I can do. 
I have few questions:

1. Can two filter modules with different set of search fields exist on same page?
I tried to duplicate module it and it works, but it always show the same fields.
It could probably be done with "Module Class Suffix" CSS but I'm looking if there is option to select which fields to display in module.

2. I'm trying to create Alpha (A-Z) index.
To have letters links on a top: # - A - B - C - ... - Y - Z - ALL
Clicking on B letter would filter articles with titles which starts with letter B. Clicking on # would filter titles which starts with numbers, and clicking on ALL would show all.

If this is possible, could you suggest what would be the best way to do it?
One of ideas is to to create custom field dropdown list with # A B C ... as values, and show it in filter as checkboxes, with labels hidden and styled with CSS.
But this adds to extra time to editing articles because for each article extra editing would be needed to select correct letter.

Much better way to do it would be to create for loop which would render letters as links and attach search function to it search onclick
Something like this:
echo '[url=index.php?letter=#]#[/url] | '; echo '[url=index.php?letter=ALL]ALL[/url] | '; for($i=65; $i<=90; $i++) { $letter = chr($i); echo '[url=index.php?letter='.$letter.']'.$letter.'[/url] | '; }
So this would search for first letter in article title.

Problem is that in not good with javascript and ajax, so I 'd appreciate any help.

Sorry if I posted duplicate questions, I tried to look for answers on this forum but couldn't find relevant topic.

Best Regards

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3 years 4 months ago #8673 by JoomLine
Hello. The module was created for filtering by Joomla fields, it is not intended for what you described.

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3 years 4 months ago #8674 by Krx

If I create custom text field named "Letter"
And fill it with only one letter

Article title: Bread, Letter field: B
Article title: Milk, Letter field: M
Article title: Soup, Letter field: S

What would be the best way to create javascript function which would filter articles by field custom Letter, and to call that function with click on url?
Example, click on url B would filter all articles which have Letter field B
I know hot to auto-fill custom field, so this would be elegant solution as well.

Thanks for the reply

I know that this isn't standard module functionality question, and if you don't provide custom solutions I will understand.

Also, if you offer custom service for this task I'm willing to pay for this help

I needed to ask :)

Best Regards

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