авто загрузки статей при использовании Ajax

2 months 4 days ago #8428 by Udi
i have create a category and created articles in the category
i have placed the module in the category page
when i go to the category page i can see all the articles and i can filter them.

the problem is if i want to use Ajax filtering

i have created the container for the filter results,
now when i enter the category page, i see all articles and the filter.
when i select a filter, i still see all the category articles and in the container i can the filter results...

i can hide the category items (using css) but than, the page is loading empty...#

thank you

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1 month 2 weeks ago #8435 by JoomLine
See filter module setting.

If the page is not redrawn, you are specifying a nonexistent css selector.

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