Terms of Service

Free extensions support:

Technical support for free extensions are not provided. If you find a bug, you can write about it and we will consider the possibility to fix a bug.
If you want us to decide your problem with a particular extension, then we can provide the fee-based technical support. 
One hour of technical support costs $20. Hourly billing.
Contacting tech support: 
  • First of all - try to fix problem yourself.
  • If it still does not work, please contact us and provide the site's URL, bug description (as detailed as possible), and screenshot if necessary.

Terms of purchase:

  1. To purchase, contact us via online chat. 
  2. We will send details for payment and advise on the necessary issues.
  3. After payment we will send the extension and the necessary instructions.
  4. If necessary, you will be supported. We take claims for work of extensions only for 6 months after purchase
    • If your problem concerns a bug's in extensions, plugins or modules, problems with installing then it is eliminated completely for free.
    • If your problem has arisen because of incompatibility with third-party extensions that are not included in standard package of joomla, then eliminating incompatibility issues with third-party extensions performed on a fee basis on standard rates $ 17. Hourly billing
    • All requests for refining the appearance or functional, are produced on a commercial basis. By pre-up the technical requirements.


  • Sites on the local server, we do not support. 
  • We do not support free extension if you removed the link from it.
  • In ICQ write only about the orders and commercial components. (For a free: chat support, email, forum and comments) 
  • Do not expect an answer to senseless and/or inappropriate messages (such as "A-ah, nothing works! ")
  • Due to the fact that the extensions are available with open source - the return of paid extensions and the money for them - is impossible.
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