JL Sitemap 1.6.0

Component Sitemap for Joomla

Description: ENRU

Download 2655

Slogin 2.8.1

Social Login Component allows authentication via social networks.

Description: RU - EN

Download 8188

JL Weather 3.0.4

Weather component and module displays weather details for web site visitors.

Description: RU - EN

Download 46797

Hypercomments 1.2.1

Official social comments extension via Hypercomments service.

Description: RU - EN

Download 5238


JsCssManipulate 1.4.0

Plugin manipulation with JS and CSS files

Description: RU

Content Cart 1.1.2

Joomla's shopping cart plugin.

Description: RU

JL No Doubles 2.5.1

SEO plugin removes duplicated Joomla pages.

Description: RU - EN

Download 4463

JL Like 3.1.0

Customizable social buttons with social network counters.

Description: RU - EN

Download 2764

JL Comments 2.7.6

Social network comments widget with tabs.

Description: RU - EN

Download 38465

JL VKcomments 1.9.1

VK comments widget. Fully supports official VK API.

Description: RU - EN

Download 52661


Muut comments for Joomla.

Description: RU - EN

Download 2186

JL Social Interlock 2.1.0

Joomla social lock plugin

Description: RU - EN

Download 1771


SimpleCallback 1.5.0

Easy modules callback

Description: RU

Download 4249

JL Content Fields Filter 1.7.0

Articles filter module.

Description: RU - EN

JL Group PRO 1.8.1

Social network communities widget. Supports OK.RU, VK, Facebook.

Description: RU - EN

Download 3632

JL VK Community Messages 1.1

VK community online chat widget.

Description: RU - EN

Download 2291

JL VK Group 2.7.1

VK community widget. Fully supports official VK API

Description: RU - EN

Download 1011

JL Currency 2.5.0

Exchange Rates according to the CBR website.

Description: RU - EN

Download 2888

JoomLine mp3 player 1.5

Popular MP3 player module for Joomla. Flash is not required.

Description: RU - EN

Download 26945

Not supported

JL Editor 1.0

Component file manager and visual editor plugin for Joomla.

Description: RU - EN

Download 3523

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    • Dear all, I'm a big fan of the Content Fields Filter. I've implemented it on a website and there is also a range slider. If you choose for ajax filtering, when you have a checkbox filter, it loads directly. However if you use the range slider, it's necessary to click on the filter button. Is it possible to make the range slider so that it directly filters if you have used the slider? Thanks in advance.
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    • JL Like. В вайбере вместо заголовка отображается н...
    • Здравствуйте! В превую очередь спасибо за этот замечательный плагин. В вашем демо при нажатии на иконку вайбер он цепляет и картинку и заголовок. Но на моем сайте вайбер картинку отображает правильно но вместо заголовка отображается название сайта. Фейсбук вообще ничего не цепляет.  
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