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If you came to this page, you d be interested in our development and who we are ...

In the first I want to say that we are a professional team which has extensive experience in developing web-applications. Our opportunities are not limited to banal PHP and MySQL. In our work you will find and AJAX, and Javascript, and XML, as well as a host of other technologies that you need have achieved your goal.

Historically, we specialize in a CMS Joomla - it doesnt mean that we dont do anything else, we do everything well, but the CMS joomla is  one of the most popular system  we know it very well, so it has become our business card.

Lets  talk about our team. Our team is  small, friendly, and very responsive. There are experts in the field of programming PHP in the main. Peopleve come in our team in different ways, and everyone has talents in other areas of the Internet. So I can say without exaggeration that we can solve almost every problem.

But the solution pluses in working with us do not stop and ask why? And we will answer that we always support our products, we are always ready to add functionality and to accommodate your wishes and we can get technical and advisory support. Add to that the guarantee on the performance of work and responsible and I think it will almost that ideal opportunity to realize your goals and ideas.

JoomLIne team

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