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2 years 11 months ago #5012 by Gordon Goddard
Hi, I am sorry but my first language is English so I am hoping there may be one or two people about to offer advice.

I have installed Slogin on a charity website, they only wish for the Facebook plug-in to be used at the moment.
I have successfully created the facebook developer application but
Slogin is asking for informations such as access to photographs, town and a statement. Facebook has contacted me and said they will not authorise this information because we don't need access to it and stated that they will only allow us:

Email - This provides access to the person's primary email address
Public Profile - This provides access to a person's basic information, including first name, last name, profile picture, gender and age range
User_friends - This provides access to a person's list of friends that also use your app

I have trawled the internet and the backend of joomla but I cannot find any where to change the required fields

We are don't have the funds to pay someone for editing the sourcecode so if someone could point me into the right direction (files where code resides) I have basic knowledge of php, javascript and pearl. I am willing to learn.

Is it possible to change what you request from facebook?

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